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As the group approached Tyler for the second time, Beazley spotted a 1987 Mercedes Benz. Beazley followed the car until it pulled into the garage of a house. He then got out of his car and ran to the driver's side of the Mercedes. He fired one round from his .45, hitting John E. Luttig, 63, in the head ... Beazley returned to Mr. Luttig, saw that he was still alive in the driver's seat, and fired again at his head at close range. Luttig died at the scene.

BOOK REVIEW: Walter Mosley's 'Blonde Faith' Mystery is to Die For

For die-hard Walter Mosley fans, returning to the pages of an Easy Rawlins novel is like meeting up with an old friend at a much anticipated class reunion. "Blonde Faith" is one of those "Don't you dare interrupt me" novels. It’s colorful, fast-paced, and the detective work is reminiscent of TV's "CSI," "Without a Trace" and "Cold Case." Pages are filled with just about everything one would expect from a crime TV series ... violence, passion, sex, mystery, glamour and betrayal.